Finding a good old fashion barber shop is not as easy as it once was. Many barbershops changed their qualification to more popular hair salons and lost their initial significance. Luckily there still exist barbershops which preserve old traditions of barbering along with providing modern services. Manhattan Barber Shop is one of such rare barbershops.
We are here to serve you with great men’s haircuts considering classical barbering. Nowadays Manhattan Barber Shop is a place where you can get trendy haircut or hairstyle performed according to traditional canons of barbering. Our barbers are professionals who inherited their skills from master-hands of old fashioned barbershops.


Manhattan Barber Shop specializes in men's haircuts, straight-razor shaves and beard trimming. Hot towel treatments are included for every customer. Customers are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis, so walk-ins are always welcome. There are many barbers on staff, so typically customers have no wait or short wait times. In addition to men's hair styling, Manhattan Barber Shop offers straight razor shaves, facial hair trimming and hot towel treatments. Looking for that authentic barber shop straight razor experience? Manhattan Barber Shop provides their clients with that smooth face feeling, free from razor burn, cuts or nicks. Manhattan Barber Shop also provides children's haircuts for the convenience of local families living in the area. Every small man deserves to be treated as a gentleman, so that is what we do. Serving Chelsea and neighboring communities for the last four years, Manhattan Barber Shop is your place for a great haircut.


A full-service barber shop dedicated to providing consistent customer satisfaction by offering excellent service, quality products, and service with a smile. We prefer to treat clients as our friends. No matter whether you visit Manhattan Barber Shop at first time or have been with us for many years, you will get quality grooming services according to classical traditions of barbering.
Tell your hair cut wishes to our barber and take your sit in our cozy lounge. One of the main rules of our barbershop is to perform all the hair cut and hair styles desires of our clients in pleasant atmosphere. It is a unique place where you can get your desired haircut and relax. Let us do our job while you are enjoying your time resting. Chelsea Barber Shop is opened for you 7 days a week. You are always welcome!

This is my go to barber shop. I have this quaffed big hair, that I always get complimented on. I know that going here, they will not make any mistake with my hair. They always remember me and know what I want - Angel B. New York, NY   