Five Tips to Shave Like a Barber

Five Tips to Shave Like a Barber

Want to learn secrets of barbershop-quality shaving? Follow these helpful tips and shave like a professional!


  1. Develop thorough preparation

Many men underestimate the importance of pre-shaving ritual, but barbers underline the critical role of thorough preparation. The shower is the best way to get ready because hot water makes your hairs soft and weak.


  1. Maintain your razor well

Comfortable shaving starts with a sharp razor. Dull razor is the worst thing, which can happen to your skin. That’s why you should always check the sharpness of your blades and replace them in time. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget to rinse your razor when shaving to keep it ultra-sharp!


  1. Follow the right technique

After you’ve lubricated your skin and minimized friction from a razor, you can start shaving. Barbers recommend using short but confident strokes and going with the grain. You can also use your hands to make a surface of your skin flatter.


  1. Restore moisture balance

Post-shaving routine is also crucial to avoid skin irritation and any discomfort. There are two reasons why you should always treat your skin to a nice after-shave product. Firstly, it will restore a proper moisture balance of your skin. Secondly, its soothing properties will prevent inflammation and skin irritation.


  1. Avoid common mistakes

A lot of men make typical shaving mistakes you should strongly avoid. First of all, you should never press your razor too hard or go over the same area more than twice. Owners of sensitive skin should avoid shaving against the grain and pay more attention to preparation. Keep these things in mind, and shaving will be ultimately comfortable.

Follow these tips, and your face will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

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