How to Tame Thick and Unruly Mane for Men

How to Tame Thick and Unruly Mane for Men

Many men suffer from male pattern baldness and can’t find the solution to overcome. At the same time, some men keep losing the battle with unruly and super thick hair. If you belong to the second group, this article is for you. Learn five tips on how to tame unruly hair.  


  1. Enrich with moisture

Proper hydration is the best way to tame unruly hair. For this reason, you should become friends with moisturizing products such as conditioner and deep conditioner. Treat your hair with a regular conditioner each time you shampoo and use a deep conditioner once a week to get even better results.


  1. Choose the right haircut

Right haircut can make your life so much easier when it comes to a thick and unruly mane. Some barbers recommend going short while others give preference to longer styles. Keep in mind that long hair requires more time and patience. Decide how much you can dedicate to your hair routine and make a decision.


  1. Refuse from blow-drying

Unfortunately, blow-drying isn’t the best idea for your type of hair, that’s why you should minimize its usage. Blow dryer has a negative effect on moisture level and provides your hair with additional volume, which you don’t need.


  1. Let the products help you

You can’t win this battle on your own, but help is coming! If you want to make unruly hair obey, you should have heavy styling products in your arsenal. Look for things like gels, waxes, and pomades to keep coarse mane under control.


  1. Be grateful to nature

Mother nature gave you a precious gift in the form of thick and beautiful hair. Learn to appreciate a natural beauty of your locks and enjoy those envious looks from people around you!


We hope these simple tips will help to make your life easier.

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