3 Tips for Rocking Grey Hair

For many people the appearance of grey hair is associated with aging; however, everything in the world changes and this belief is not an exception. Stylists at Barber shop in Manhattan prove grey hair can be connected not only with connotations of wisdom but also with the stylish and trendy element of your persona and style.  In recent years, ‘going grey’ for men has been the product of a bottle rather than the aging process.  It’s worth mentioning how gorgeous fictional characters like Lucius Malfoy look with their silver mane! Stylists at the Manhattan Barbershop have prepared 3 tips for rocking grey hair so without further ado, lets dig in!and-pa-chic look with grey hair.

3 Tips for Rocking Grey Hair

#1 Question of dyeing

A silver dye job may seem perfect for the younger generation while it is the first step to really pulling off this color for older men. Famous actors like George Clooney and John Slattery prove there is nothing to fear when your hair turns to gunmetal.  For men longing for artificial silver locks, it is better to consult a credible hairdresser for getting optimal results.

#2 All you need is cut

Your silver mane can’t be really trendy without a modern, sleek haircut. It is a well-known fact; stylish haircut reinvents your look and no matter what tone your hair has. Why don’t you use the contrast? Just imagine: how unexpected it looks when the youthful cut is combined with grey hair.

#3 Blow Dry is a secret

We are sure the last thing you want is lifeless grey hair. Volume and texture are integral since grey hair is alluring when it is fuller. Use a blow dryer to volumise your look and emphasize silver hair in all its grayscale goodness.

So, now you know how to wear grey hair in a proper way. Maybe, it’s your turn to become a silver icon of the Fashion?