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Dos and Don’ts of Hair Products For Your Hair Type

Men's hairstyles hаіrѕtуlеѕ continually еvоlvе with new trends, and with еасh trend comes a ѕlеw оf new hair products. Just like the ѕhоеѕ and сlоthеѕ уоu wеаr, the wау you style your hаіr says a lot аbоut уоur ѕеnѕе of fаѕhіоn and personality. Thаt ѕаіd, еvеn if уоu crave a nеw lооk, ... More

Three Tips for Summer Hair Care for Men

Three Tips for Summer Hair Care for Men

Summer brings warm weather, so we have much more activities to choose from and start spending more time outdoors and in the pool. Unfortunately, in spite of all the benefits, hot weather can lead to particular problems with our hair and scalp. We sweat more, get sunburned and influenced by the chlorinated water. Barbers at barber shop New ... More

Four Essential Tips for Hair Care for Traveler

Every man at least once in his life has been stuck on a long-haul flight.  What can be worse? We know what: being stuck on the same flight and having the so-called flight-seat head which usually characterizes by the oily scalp, comb-resistant hair, and not very pleasant smell. During such trip, all you want to do is to hide your mane under ... More

Three Tips for Men with Thick Hair

All men around suffer from thinning hair, and it seems that you are the only one who don’t know how to cope with your thick mane? Thick hair is often associated with fuzzy curls and coarse texture; there for sure should exist a remedy to deal with it. Barbers at New York City barber shops are ready to share their secrets with you. Tip #1 ... More

Three Trendy Variants of Fade Haircut

In recent years, a formidable opponent to traditional haircuts has appeared. The so-called ‘fade haircut’ is a contemporary hairstyle characterized by the adding sharpness to hair styling and lending modern aesthetic to looks. This haircut has traditional and experiment variants of styling which both can be interpreted with sleek dimens... More

How to Create Modern Men’s Side Part

Old school side parts are usually considered to be a traditional hairstyle; however, you can find a lot of modern ways to interpret it. The great variety of possible styles gives several aesthetics you can go for when channeling this vintage look. No matter how you want to interpret this hairstyle, always remember two main rules: keep it ... More

Stylish Men’s Hair Trends for Spring 2016

Spring has come and brought great changes in the world of men’s haircut trends. The vintage hairstyles with redefined dimensions and distinctive touches are in trend again. The wide variety of hair looks will satisfy the taste of even the most captious dandy. It means there is something for everybody; no matter what your hair type or length ... More

3 Tips for Rocking Grey Hair

For many people the appearance of grey hair is associated with aging; however, everything in the world changes and this belief is not an exception. Stylists at Barber shop in Manhattan prove grey hair can be connected not only with connotations of wisdom but also with the stylish and trendy element of your persona and style.  In recent ... More

How to deal with thick, wavy, unruly hair?

Thick, long, wavy and unruly hair can be difficult to manage, but with the new guide by the best Barber Shop in the NYC you can get the most from your hair. It takes time, but all these tips can make your life easier in the long run. Tip #1. Look after your hair Your hair care should be properly. You need to invest in good, qualitative ... More

Top-7 men’s natural grooming products

Organic products are always better. Especially, if you are prone to allergies or you are eco-friendly. Even if you just decided to go natural and organic, here is a list of brands, which can help you to choose something. #1. Bulldog Bulldog is the first men’s grooming brand, which was proved by Cruelty Free International’. P... More