How to pick a new hairstyle?

“What are we doing for you today?” – the question, you will be asked, when you’ll sit in barbers armchair. If this question is hard for you, so you find the right Barber shop and the right blog to be prepared for it. Check this article and you will find all answers, you want to find! It’s really important if you know, what you ... More

9 habits of well-groomed men

Grooming consist not only of shampoo and blow-dryer (in the best case). However, if you found this article, it’s not about you and you know what real grooming is. So, what should you know if you want to be a well-groomed man? Tips from the best Barber Shop in the New York City. #1. Find your fragnance A good perfume is one of ... More

Top men’s hairstyles for this spring by the Manhattan Barber Shop

Guys! Today you have a special opportunity to become a new man! It is very easy: 1) check this article; 2) choose something you like; 3) come to the Manhattan Barber shop to get this!   #1. Short and Choppy If you are a classical gentleman, who is not interested in a style with sharp contrast, and prefer a ... More

Grooming alternatives: what to choose? Part 2.

You don’t know, what is better for you, can’t choose between manual toothbrush and electrical one or something else? Check our previous article and a new one, we have a lot of intresting information! #1. Soap bar vs. Cleanser Soap bar was main (and sometimes the only) part of men’s grooming routine. But times change, and face ... More

Grooming alternatives: what to choose?

Every day men should make a lot of different decisions: which tie to wear, what to have for a lunch, where to party this evening. The same problems are in grooming. Men should decide, what they should use: soap bar or cleanser, shaving cream or foam, electrical or manual toothbrush. Men face with different choices. That’s why the ... More

What you should do if you loose hair: 5 essential steps

If you faced with the problem of loosing hair, well, it’s not pleasant news. From the other hand, it’s not a verdict too. Chelsea Barber Shop has prepared for you a list of 5 essential steps, which you should do in this case. Step #1. Find the clues Men and women have different patterns of hair loss, so you shouldn’t wait for ... More

Winter tips for long hair care

The best barber shop in the New York City has prepared special winter tips for long hair care. Check these 5 easy tips for maintaining and moisturizing your long locks. Tip #1. Wash hair less It’s a common tip that daily washing strips natural oils from the hair. You should understand that these oils are essential part of healthy ... More

7 grooming sins

There is a common mistake, that only women dress unsuitably to the workplace. Of course, short skirts or provoking make-up are more visible, but men can have the same troubles, if they have problems with grooming. What it can be? There are a lot of different variants. For example, ungroomed chest hair or sweat marks on dress shirts. ... More

How to create a grooming routine: tips from the Manhattan Barbershop

Your basic routine is very essential. Good hair care is very simple and at the same time very important. The Manhattan Barbershop has prepared for you some simple tips.   Tip #1. Choose shampoo and conditioner wisely There are a lot of different products on the market now, and not all of them are the same. You should choose ... More

Elementary grooming for men: guide from the Manhattan Barbershop

It seems that nowadays all the guys are fashionable and well-groomed. Yes, the times of hippie are gone, but not everything is so good. So, if you are not sure, that your grooming is right, check this grooming guide from the Manhattan Barbershop. At first, you need a special set of hair care products. Product #1. Men’s shampoo ... More