8 advices to avoid hair damage.

Lots of times we do something wrong, and as a result we damage our hair. So, if you want to avoid these mistakes, follow these simple tips. Smoking We all know that smoking is harmful to your health and to people around you, but it is also harmful for your hair. Smoking makes your hair thin and that increases fragility of your hair. ... More

6 nutrients for healthy hair

Feed your hair Famous stylists recommend following these rules, to make your hair growing strong and well-groomed. Eat organic food and you will have gorgeous hair. Iron and zinc These minerals help hair grow faster. If you eat lean red meat twice a week, your body will be filled with nutrients. Such products as soy and lentils are ... More

Tips on how to get a new haircut for men

Nowadays for men to be stylish is as important as to be successful. But what to do if you are tired of the same old look? You are ready to try a new style, but don’t know where to begin? At barbershop nyc have created a list of useful tips on how to choose a new hairstyle. Keep in mind details about your everyday life. If you are ... More

How to take care of frizzy hair

Frizz is one of the main problems of modern men who do care about their hair. In fact, not knowing how to deal with frizz instigates guys to cut their hair and forget about their beautiful mane. So, at barber shop new york we decided to create a list of useful tips in how to fight frizz for men. Tip #1 Don’t use shampoo too often Many ... More

Healthy food for healthy hair in NYC

The secret of the healthy hair isn’t in the expensive shampoo or fancy salon treatment. The Beatles sang “All you need is love”. We can say “All you need is a healthy diet”. Good nutrition plays a very big role in the hair growth, and you shouldn’t forget about it. The Barber Shop in The New York City has prepared some advices for ... More

Reasons and solutions of the men’s hair loss

It’s a common fact that 85% of men have hair thinning, hair loss or even bald by the time they're 50. Every man knows that and every man is afraid of that. Every man goes through it, but some sooner some later. Someone even begins to loose hair before the 21. The Barber Shop for real men in The New York City has prepared some tips, how ... More

3 New Short Hairstyles for Men for 2015

There have been numerous new men hairstyles out in 2014. The types of hairstyles have varied from long to short. While many men prefer long or medium hairstyles, there are many men who like short hairstyles. In 2015, there are several short hairstyles that men have been trying this year. The type of short hairstyles that men currently have ... More

3 Tips for Groom Hairstyles

Even though the bride will be the center of attention in every wedding, the groom will be in every picture and wedding activity. Therefore, the bride will want her groom to look his best on their wedding day, and a major part of how the groom will look on his wedding day concerns his hairstyle. Moreover, wedding pictures will last forever, ... More