Four Essential Tips for Hair Care for a Traveler

Every man at least once in his life has been stuck on a long-haul flight.  What can be worse? We know what: being stuck on the same flight and having the so-called flight-seat head which usually characterizes by the oily scalp, comb-resistant hair, and not very pleasant smell. During such trip, all you want to do is to hide your mane under huge cap or duvet. Barbers at the best barber shop in Manhattan have prepared for you some useful tips on how to prepare your hair for traveling. Here are the four essential tips for hair care for a traveler.

Essential Tip for Hair Care #1 Prepare

Even if you have already washed the hair today (for instance, in the morning), repeat the shampooing before leaving for the airport. It will remove excessive oils and save your hair from greasiness during the flight.

Essential Tip for Hair Care #2 Pack

Find your favorite hair care product in travel size or measure amount in the travel-proof bottles. Don’t forget about a travel-size dry shampoo – the quickest way to get rid of oily roots.

Essential Tip for Hair Care #3 Don’t Comb

Brushing your hair too often may provoke sebaceous glands to produce more oils, thus, make your hair greasy faster. If you need to brush, do it with clean comb (wash it before usage).

Essential Tip for Hair Care #4 Style

It is better to refrain from using gel or any other hairstyling product for the day of the fly. However, if you have a meeting just after arrival, barbers at the best barber shop in Manhattan advise using a light-weight or water-soluble gel to get slick, professional look.

Follow our simple tips and you won’t face the hair problems on the road.