How to Create Modern Men’s Side Part

Old school side parts are usually considered to be a traditional hairstyle; however, you can find a lot of modern ways to interpret it. The great variety of possible styles gives several aesthetics you can go for when channeling this vintage look. No matter how you want to interpret this hairstyle, always remember two main rules: keep it somewhat classic and polished.  Stylists at Barber Shop Manhattan have prepared for you few tips on how to create modern men’s side part hairstyle.

Side Part Tip #1 The way it’s cut

If you want to have balanced side part hairstyle, you should never forget about dimensions. A well-tapered haircut is a main thing to successfully rock a side part. So, you can play with the proportions of your hair, add variations of modern cuts or use a mix of classic and contemporary in one and the same cut.

Side Part Tip #2 Suitable part

Doubtless, the best way to part your hair is to follow the way your hair naturally grows. It’s quite easy to do, just notice which way your hair falls when it is wet. After it, you will easily comb your hair down in an appropriate direction when trying out this hairstyle.

Side Part Tip #3 Hair type

When choosing a kind of side part, the first thing you should consider is your hair type. If you have straight hair type and want to opt for a modernized kind, it is better to add more texture to your hair. Curly men should be more conscious when choosing the way their hair falls because of the unique structure of this hair type. The one thing every man has to remember is that hair length should be suitable for their face shape.

Now, you know how to create modern men’s side part hairstyle. If you are still uncertain