How To Pick a New Hairstyle

“What are we doing for you today?” – the question, you will be asked, when you’ll sit in barbers armchair. If this question is hard for you, you have found the right barbershop and the right blog to get prepared. Read this article and you will find out how to pick a new hairstyle.

It’s really important if you know, what you want and don’t think: “Man, you are a barber, you should know better”. It’s your hair and you will live with it! So, you should be ready for this question.

How To Pick a New Hairstyle

#1. Find the inspiration

The first thing you need to do is to find the inspiration.  Look around you: people, fashion magazines, google search after all are your best helpers. So, save photos of examples of modern cuts, you have liked, and show them to your barber. It’s a first step on the long highway of preparation, but this step is the most important.

Even if the photo is not exactly what you want or the hair on the picture hasn’t the same texture or density as yours – it’s OK!  For all that it is a great starting point.

#2. Before you make the step

There are some factors you should consider before making a new hairstyle. You should ask yourself:

1) Maintenance. How often should you refresh your hair look and is it possible for you?

2) Time. How much time you have for every day styling?

3) Hair products. Do you want to use hair products? How much money are you ready to spend on them?

4) Equipment. Do you need special hair styling equipment? Have you already had it or you should buy it?

5) Your personal style. Is this haircut suits your style?

6) Job. Is your new hairstyle is appropriative for your work?

You should look through this list and figure out, what you need. Be realistic and honest to get a right decision.

#3. Pinpoint your ideal hairstyle

If you can’t find ideal hairstyle in the network, find something alike. Then try to break the haircut down into sections and explain to your barber what you want to change and where.

Estimated list of explanations: 1) start form the sides; 2) then go to the back; 3) next will be top; 4) and last the front of the hair style. We sure, barber will understand you and make what you want, if you explain him.

#4. Good advice

At last, but not at least, you can ask about the piece of advice your barber. Of course, it will be beneficial only if it’s not the first time you see each other. We sure, if your barber cut your hair more then 1 year, he can give you a good suggestion.


We hope, your new hairstyle will be gorgeous! And if you come to our Barber Shop, we sure, it will!