How to Work with Thick, Wavy and Unruly Hair

Thick, long, wavy and unruly hair can be difficult to manage, but with the new guide by the best Barber Shop in the NYC you can get the most from your hair. It takes time, but all these tips can make your life easier in the long run. Lets take a look out how you can work with thick. wavy and unruly hair.

Tip #1. Look after your hair

Your hair care should be properly. You need to invest in good, qualitative hair products for keeping your hair type in its very best condition.

Of course, you can use your girlfriend’s shampoo, but it won’t be beneficial if you haven’t fine or, for example, coloured hair.

Aslo, majority of shampoos on the market are not specific to a single hair type, they created for cleansing and moisturizing the scalp. If you have problems with your hair, you should buy a special shampoo, which was created for you.
It’s important to use conditioner as well as shampoo, it will make your hair look more healthy and your hair more manageable.

Tip #2. The right haircut

Choice of the haircut is very important. You should be realistic and realize, how much time you can spend on styling. For example, short hairstyle will seriously reduce the amount of time you need to spend for getting ready in the morning.

After the haircut you can ask your barber about some tips, how you can do your style at home. We sure, if you sit up and take notice what he say, these suggestions will be beneficial for your hair care.

For this reason you should consider, what barber shop to choose, because your barber should really know, what to do with your thick or unruly hair. By the way, our Barber Shop is a good choice!

Tip #3. Hair coloring and texture

Creating a texture is one of the key ways out, if you have problems with your hair. It doesn’t mean you should choose such hairstyle (but it is also a good idea), you can receive texture with the help of hair coloring (if you have no prejudices, of course).

You should understand that it’s not about bleaching or something like this, it’s about adding different tones to avoid hair look like one solid mass. Especially, it is the subject of those of you, who has dark brown or black hair.


Masters at our Barbershop can deal with any problem hair types and give you all suggestions you want to receive. So, come to us!