Our Barbershop in New York, NY


Menu and Rates:
Hair Cut (reg.) $24
Any Fades $24
Hair Cut & Wash $28
Long Hair $25
Shave $25
Beard Trim $12
Hair Line Clean Up $12
Goatee $8
Inside Manhattan Barbershop
Manhattan Barbershop is a great place with excellent grooming services in nyc. We have created such a place, where everyone can find what he is searching for. Pleasant atmosphere, smiling barbers and cozy lounges – all that is waiting for you. Take a step into our ny barber shop and feel the spirit of the old time barbershops of the beginning of the 19th century.
Moreover, at Manhattan Barbershop we gather a team of talented barbers nyc. They are aware of all aspects of hair care and the hair industry. Barbers ny are ready to provide services for people of all ages and grooming preferences. Years of experience in addition to the various skills, help our barbers to provide grooming services that meet needs of our customers.
At Manhattan Barbershop we provide wide variety of services. Our main services are regular haircuts, fades, long hair cuts, special shaving, hot shaves, goatee and more. One of the most popular grooming services is the haircuts. Talented barbers ny are ready to perform any of your hair cut wishes. The peculiar feature of our barbershop is the possibility to perform different haircuts including traditional, modern and trendy styles. Our barber ny staff stay on top of all popular hairstyles and at the same time we are able to offer traditional haircuts.
Withal, we realize that such a diverse and vast clientele demands more than ideal grooming services. Other important attribute is a treatment. Our barbers create friendly barbershop environment and always establish amazing community atmosphere. One of the golden rules of our barbershop nyc is to treat our clients as our friends. Providing different grooming services we take into account individual peculiarities and needs of a person. Therefore, we invite everyone who looks for quality grooming services in the friendly barbershop atmosphere to visit our barbershop today.
Haircutting tools used in the past.