Stylish Men’s Hair Trends for Spring 2016

Spring has come and brought great changes in the world of men’s haircut trends. The vintage hairstyles with redefined dimensions and distinctive touches are in trend again. The wide variety of hair looks will satisfy the taste of even the most captious dandy. It means there is something for everybody; no matter what your hair type or length is. Stylists at the Manhattan Barbershop are ready to take you through the stylish men’s hair trends for the Spring 2016 runways.

Stylish Men’s Hair Trends for Spring 2016

Fifties Slick

Such design houses like Brioni, Louis Vuitton, and Lanvin have distinctive fifties as the order of business.  If you want to achieve the fifties slick hair trend, you will need a good quality hair gel or a mousse. These products will add shine and sleekness to your hair and will make you look as a worthy tribute of this decade.

Modernized Side Parts

This haircut has been represented by the men models of design houses like Polo Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, Oliver Spencer, and Berberry Prorsum.  Doubtfully, a classic side part will lose its leadership among other hairstyles; however, the enumerated design houses offer the newer interpretation of this trend.   You can experiment using different mousses, blow drying techniques and hair partings to keep things more interesting and suitable to your personal style.

Revived Pompadours

J.Crew,  Bottega Veneta, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lemaire has present newer interpretations of this hair trend. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the hair length; one of the variants is to keep the sides intensely short and the dimensions on the top longer. If you are straight hair men, you can wear a side swept pompadour to harness your natural type.

Now, you know leading trends from the spring 2016 runaways. Stylists at the Chelsea Barber Shop recommend choosing the most suitable for you and wearing it with pleasure!