Our Barbershop in New York, NY


Customers being treated in the Manhattan Barbershop.
This is my go to barber shop. I have this quaffed big hair, that I always get complimented on. I know that going here, they will not make any mistake with my hair. They always remember me and know what I want.
Angel B. New York, NY
I have never kept the same haircut guy for as long as I've been coming to Jeovani. I love that guy. A good haircut can really brighten any day, regardless of what else is going on, and Jeovani always makes me smile
Jon Mark P. New York, NY
I've been coming here for almost a year and always forget to write a review. It takes me an hour to get there by train, but def worth it. I've never been dissatisfied. The staff are great and always know how to pull it off.
Richie V. Washington Heights, Manhattan, NY
I've been going to Manhattan Barber Shop for several years now. Every time I go, I'm blown away by how good these barbers are. I recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a decent haircut.
Jeffrey K. New York, NY
I have heard great things about Manhattan Barber Shop, so I came by yesterday to get a haircut and shave. I just want you to know that the barbers at your barber shop do a tremendous job. I respect that they took the time to do their job correctly. Customer service is big with me
Harold S. New York, NY
I came to Manhattan Barber Shop last week for a haircut and honestly did not know the name of the haircut. My barber asked me to describe what I want the haircut to look like. Well, I described it the best I could, and man when he finished - it looked exactly the way I wanted!
Sherman H. New York, NY
Avi is the man, and a consummate professional. Gives the best fades I've gotten in my life, straight-razor trims. Manhattan Barber Shop is the best value haircut in Manhattan. Period.
Richie V.
Do yourself a favor & go see Avi. Best haircuts I've gotten in years & so affordable. I only had to tell him what I wanted the first time - every time after that he remembers exactly what to do (unless I decide I want something different - in which case he does exactly what I ask for).
Danika C.