Three Tips for Summer Hair Care for Men

Summer brings warm weather, so we have much more activities to choose from and start spending more time outdoors and in the pool. Unfortunately, in spite of all the benefits, hot weather can lead to particular problems with our hair and scalp. We sweat more, get sunburned and influenced by the chlorinated water. Barbers at barber shop New York Manhattan have prepared for you a list of useful pieces of advice for men summer hair care.

 Advice #1 Get Shorter

When it gets warm, you take off clothes and try to dress suitable to the weather. The same thing should happen with your haircut – it should get shorter. It will provide you with the cooling effect as heat will escape from your scalp and the back of your neck easier.

Advice #2 Protect Hair

The main with the pool water is in the harsh chlorine which can make your hair over dry. Barbers at barber shop New York Manhattan propose two ways of solving the problem. First, wear a swimming cap; it will provide your hair and scalp with protection. Second, if the cap is not for you, you can rinse your hair with fresh water before the swimming. Wet hair won’t be able to soak more water so that it won’t get damaged from the chlorine.

Advice #3 Protect Scalp

Purchase a styling product with the UV protection or use spray-on sunscreen to protect your scalp from sunburn. The scalp is the part of the skin just like on any other part of the body, so it can easily get burned.

Follow these simple three tips, and your hair and scalp will thank you.