Three Trendy Variants of Fade Haircut

In recent years, a formidable opponent to traditional haircuts has appeared. The so-called ‘fade haircut’ is a contemporary hairstyle characterized by the adding sharpness to hair styling and lending modern aesthetic to looks. This haircut has traditional and experiment variants of styling which both can be interpreted with sleek dimensions and visual contrast. Stylists at Barber Shop New York have prepared for you three ways to harness your fade haircut, so get ready.

The Traditional Fade Haircut

It is the first place haircut in our list of top popular fade hairstyles. In fact, it has a gradual transition from the trimmed sides to the longer tops; the buzzed proportions are not too distinctive and relatively understated. This type of haircut is versatile with all possible hair types and hair length due to the subtle transition of tapered dimensions at the back of the head.

The Lower Fade Haircut

Number two in the list of top trendy fades; it graduates into longer proportions at an earlier point from the bottom of a haircut. Having a noticeably low taper, it perfectly coincides with beards or any kind of facial hair. You can add texturized take on this version of the fade haircut by styling your hair with matte products.

The Mid Fade Haircut

The distinctive line of the mid fade haircut starts at the point above the ears; it is number three on our list. In comparison with the traditional shorter haircuts, it is a modern interpretation of this cut with a twist. This cut requires neat styling with a help of holding mousse or gel.

Now you know three most popular interpretations of the fade haircut. Don’t waste your time, come to Barber Shop New York and get one.