Beard and mustache correction

Barber cutting a man's mustache

Beard and mustache are the most noticeable element of a man’s image, which cannot be hidden under headdresses and clothes. Beautiful facial hair does not grow by itself, but is created by the joint efforts of the wearer and the barber. Only daily care and regular beard and mustache corrections will help create a unique style. At MANHATTAN BARBER SHOP you can correct facial hair length and growth line, as well as give it the necessary shape and even tone.

When you need a beard correction

A beard growing by itself will not add beauty, brutality and charm to any man. “Wild” vegetation is not neat because of the heterogeneous length of the bristles, the heterogeneous direction of its growth, uncertain shape. The overall impression of a beard and mustache that has never been corrected will never be positive.

You should book an appointment with the barber for the registration of the beard immediately after its growth by 0,5-1 cm. At this stage master will give it a neat shape, mark the borders of growth and advise means for skin care and stubble, so the vegetation grows back beautifully and evenly. It is worth going for the service as the hair grows back: some people need a beard correction every two weeks while others keep their beards looking decent for up to a month.

PORT Barbershop is where all kinds of beards and mustaches are corrected. Our masters will create a brutal Russian “shovel”, Hollywood brett, graceful anchor or espagnolka, stylish Chin Strap and other shapes depending on your preferences and personality.

How the beard and mustache are corrected

The aim of the correction is to make the facial vegetation aesthetic and form suitable to the client’s face type, age and status. It is not a trivial trimming and contouring, but full care in combination with evening out the length and direction of hair growth. A variety of tools, techniques and methods are used in the process of correction, but the sequence of correction stages is standard:

  • Combing the beard, assessing the degree of its “desolation”, drawing up an action plan based on the client’s wishes.
  • Aligning the length of the beard and moustache with a trimmer and final shaping with scissors or clippers.
  • Repeated combing of the beard and trimming of the remaining hairs.
  • Removal of hairs outside the borders of the beard (on the neck, cheeks, cheekbones, temples) with a dangerous razor.
  • Applying cosmetic and care products to the skin and vegetation, and styling the beard and mustache.

Depending on the shape and degree of “neglect” of the beard and mustache, their correction takes from half an hour to 50-60 minutes.

barber cutting a man's beard

Our advantages

Here you will find:

  • professional barbers, who regularly attend master classes of renowned masters;
  • laconic interior and atmosphere that creates the conditions for recreation during the procedure;
  • quality cosmetics for beard care of famous brands;
  • convenient parking, free Internet access and much more.
  • You can make an appointment for beard correction and find out the cost of the procedure by phone or on the website.