Choose a good trimmer for home care


Trimmer significantly simplifies the fight against excess vegetation on the face and body, but only if you have chosen a quality model and know exactly how to handle it.

In good hands trimmer can perform a wide range of tasks:

  • shave unnecessary hairs;
  • completely remove stubble from the face;
  • thin out your hair if it is too thick;
  • give sideburns and beard the desired shape.

What to look for when choosing a trimmer?


The manufacturer and the cost of the gadget are not of paramount importance. Blades deserve special attention, they determine how long the trimmer will serve you.

The most expensive are models with ceramic blades, for this reason they are not so many in the home line. More practical are steel blades with a coating, as well as knives made of stainless steel. The distance between the teeth should be minimal, in which case they will capture even short bristles.

Periodically, the knives should be sharpened. For those who want to save money on blade regeneration, we recommend purchasing a model with self-sharpening blades.

Length adjustment

The wider the length adjustment range, the more room for experimentation. The length can be adjusted with interchangeable nozzles as well as with a lever. The latter option is more convenient because you do not have to waste time looking for the right nozzle. In models with a lever, the selected length is displayed on the body of the device. The standard adjustment step is 0.5 mm.


Models with a built-in battery are convenient to take with you on trips and business trips. As a rule, they are compact and lightweight devices that will even fit in your pocket. It is good if there is a charge indicator on the body of the device.

Line trimmers work only if they are connected to the mains. They are bulkier, heavier and more versatile than the models described above. Choosing a network trimmer, pay attention to the length of the cord, as well as the possibility of its rotation.

Combination models can operate from the battery and the mains. This is a versatile gadget that will help you get your beard in order in any condition.

Additional Options

Let’s be honest, not all features will be useful to you. Among the most useful options are:

Vacuum system – helps you save money on cleaning. The bristles go into a special container, which takes less than a minute to clean.
Wet cleaning – models with this function can simply be rinsed under the tap.
Working with different voltages – regardless of whether 220 volts in the socket or only 100, you will be able to use the gadget without any risks and difficulties.

Not sure if you can handle trimming your beard on your own? Not a problem, a couple of visits to a barber and you’ll know exactly what a well-groomed beard should look like.

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