How often a man needs a haircut

barber grooming a man

One of the important differences between men’s and women’s haircuts is the frequency of visits to the master to get a good result. Despite the growth and development of the men’s haircut industry, the question of how regularly a haircut should be renewed remains an open one for many.

Men’s hair growth rate

On average, both male and female hair grows about 10 to 15 centimeters per year, but genetics, diet and lifestyle have an important influence on this figure. In most cases, you can stick to a simple rule: the shorter the haircut, the more often it needs to be renewed.

barber grooming a man

What breaks to take between visits to the barber?

There are two factors that should be considered when choosing the frequency of a barber’s visit: the hair type and the desired result. A man’s lifestyle and occupation are also important. For example, actors, TV presenters and models usually prefer to renew their haircuts weekly. If you want to radically change the style, on the contrary, sometimes you have to wait for several months until the hair grows to the desired length.

Some types of haircuts themselves involve more frequent updates. For example, Crewe Cut, Buzz Cut, as well as all variations of haircuts with shaved temples and large length variations. It is important to consider that very thick and therefore naughty men’s hair usually needs more care and a more regular haircut.

On average, a man gets his hair cut every month or once every two months. Longer hair allows for a haircut once every 3 to 4 months. Relying on this, you can choose the right intervals for your hair.

What to do to grow your hair

Even if you have a desire to grow longer hair, you should not forget about a regular haircut. Sure, this advice may sound contradictory, but gradually working on creating the hairstyle of your dreams and maintaining a haircut in a neat form – much more rational than letting the situation on its own and forget about your hair for a year and a half. Regular visits to the master will not only maintain the appearance of hairstyles, but also have a positive impact on the health of your hair.

Deciding to grow your hair, you should immediately consult with the barber, who will be able to give expert advice. The main thing is to explain honestly and clearly what kind of result you want to achieve as a result.

It’s time for a haircut: the big telltale signs

Most often, in the absence of a relatively clear haircut schedule, the need to update your hair can be judged by the following signs:

  • your hair has started to look messy, especially in the morning;
  • neck or temple lines are more overgrown than desired;
  • hair has lost its former volume or has become more difficult to style;
  • excessively dry or split ends begin to appear.

In addition to external signs, a visit to the barbershop can be an important event or occasion. In this case, it is important to put a haircut on your calendar in time to look great on the right day and feel as confident as possible.