What is hair tatoo?

barrier cuts the hair of a man

You can stand out from the crowd and show your originality with a haircut, a modern haircut that combines a tattoo with a stylish men’s hairstyle. Masters of our barbershop will choose the best shape for your image. This is an art-image for the brave in spirit people who are used to keep up with the times.

The idea to decorate your own body with the help of drawings is not new, but not everyone dares to put a tattoo on your skin. Hair tattoo or “hair tattoo” is created for a certain period, after which the strands grow back, hiding the pattern created from the hair. Artistic haircut, as it is also called a hair tattoo, was born thanks to Thierry Gras, the French pioneer hairdresser. Today, the direction is implemented in their work as avant-garde hairdressers and conservatives.

Technique of creating a tattoo from the hair

A professional barber begins his work with the examination of the client. He selects a style that suits him and offers several options at once. Tattoo of hair is done on the whole head or in a certain part of it (at the nape of the neck, temples). Most often such a hairstyle adorns the heads of famous soccer players, designers and show business representatives. The trend is especially common abroad, although in Russia it has already been appreciated.

Hair tattoo can be created by observing the following conditions:

  • Hair length of 6-7 mm, so that the applied patterns were clearly visible.
  • On light and sparse hair, the length of the strands should be 8-9 mm, as there is no such a contrast with the light skin, as in the case of dark hair.
  • The time of drawing on the hair varies from a few minutes to a few hours. It all depends on the complexity of the pattern.

On the head, the khair tattoo does not last long. On average, it lasts for 2-3 weeks. Then the hair begins to grow back, and the clarity of the pattern is lost. Ideally, to maintain the result it is recommended to visit the barbershop 1 time in 10-12 days or 2 times a month. If there is no desire to keep the tattoo on the hair, it is enough to grow out the strands a little and make a classic haircut.

Advantages of a haircut and variants of drawings

The main advantage of the Hair Tattoo is the originality and unconventionality of men’s hairstyles. Other advantages include:

  • The ability to get rid of the hair tattoo in just 3-5 weeks. During this time, the hair grows back, and the master can change the client’s haircut.
  • With the help of the pattern it is easy to hide the unattractive shape of the head, scars, pigmentation, baldness.
  • Hair in this style does not require special care. The barbershop master recommends a suitable shampoo and balm, helps to choose the necessary products according to the type of hair and skin.

As a pattern, barbershop visitors increasingly choose logos and letters, symbols, patterns and ornaments. Making the resulting effect even more powerful and pronounced helps with hair coloring. An experienced barber skillfully plays with shades and images. If necessary, it is possible to create a whole picture on the head, but such work requires a particularly painstaking approach, its cost is higher than the application of traditional patterns on the hair.