Which haircut for men – long or short?

barber cutting a man's hair

Is it possible to look manly and brutal with long hair? Absolutely, and examples abound – Jason Momoa, Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, David Beckham.

When we say “masculine haircut” many people imagine short hair, but it was not always like this. The men of ancient Greece and Sparta wore their hair long, which symbolized power and wealth. Braids were the pride of the Vikings and symbolized wealth and good luck.

Today’s hairstyle has nothing to do with social status and wealth, and long hair is not as popular as before, but it can’t be denied that braids, men’s bunches and surfer waves look stylish and modern.

Want to make a style change? Start with a haircut. We’ll tell you which hairstyle is best in terms of styling, maintenance and relevance.

barber cutting a man's hair

What is your personal style?

There is a huge variety of short haircuts, so the barber can easily pick up the option that suits your style and anatomical features of the face.

Hairstyles with long hair are not as diverse, but they are sure to attract attention and make you stand out from the crowd. It is with long hair you can emphasize your individuality. It is no secret that all the creative personalities and representative of various subcultures prefer long hair.

Dress code and perception

Short haircuts correspond to the generally accepted norms of the dress code, while not every office will have long hair. Besides, there are many specialties where the requirements to the appearance are defined by the safety measures. If the work does not restrict the choice of haircuts, you can experiment with hairstyles, it is important that the hair was well-groomed and clean.

Hair care

Short hair requires frequent haircuts, otherwise it will lose its shape and look unkempt. Owners of long hair will have to visit a barber once every two or three months to remove split ends. But this does not mean to save money in this way. Long hair needs extra care – at least once a week you need to make a mask, and every time you wash your hair – use a conditioner. Do not forget about the styling products, they will help to maintain the volume at the roots, to give a slight sloppiness and keep a neat appearance.

Popular hairstyles and style options

  • Cascade or staircase is a multi-layered asymmetrical haircut in which the upper levels are shorter and the lower levels are longer. This hairstyle is versatile, besides, it allows you to experiment with styling, create different looks.
  • Bro Flow is a slicked back hairstyle of medium length. This hairstyle looks good on curly and straight hair.
  • Pompadour – haircut with short temples and long, slicked back hair on top.
  • The classic version – long hair of the same length, separated by a parting.

There are several options for styling long hair: you can leave them loose (pre-brushed and arranged with styling products), make a ponytail, bun or light curls.

What is better? Each man will decide for himself. But for sure to look attractive, we recommend to choose a haircut together with a barber.